Last Will and Testament Lawyers in Perth

Preserve your legacy and ensure that your vision for the future is kept intact – even after your passing – with the help of Last Will and Testament lawyers in Perth.

If you’ve been wondering how to make a Last Will and Testament, Hoe Lawyers is here to assist you throughout the entire process.

  • A Last Will and Testament will provide you with the ability to allocate your assets among your loved ones, avoiding unnecessary (and costly) conflict.
  • You wouldn’t want to bequeath uncertainty, grief, and financial burden unto your beloved – especially when you’re no longer around. A Last Will and Testament lawyer in Perth can help you resolve this predicament.
  • As a law firm with years of experience in Estate Law, you can depend on Hoe Lawyers to provide you with the answers to all your concerns regarding your Last Will and Testament. We have worked with hundreds of clients since 2009, and have been providing legal services that also include drafting and executing their final wishes.

Why Do I Need a Last Will and Testament in Perth?

Specify who receives what and pass on your assets to the deserving people in your life.

Confirm and fulfil all the necessary requirements to ensure that your assets follow the recognised distribution structure for Last Wills.

Ensure that the distribution of your assets is found valid.

For whatever scenario or circumstance, we’ll help you deal with the various roadblocks in making your Last Will and Testament. With over hundreds of satisfied clients in the last decade, our experience in this area of law allows us to provide more clients with excellent and objective proof of concept.

Clarify all your concerns about what happens to your assets once the unfortunate time comes.

Joint ownership with rights of survivorship of certain assets, like real estate, are passed on to specific beneficiaries by default. However, unless a Last Will and Testament is available, this can potentially leave any asset up for dispute.    

A Last Will and Testament is for Everyone

Whilst it may seem like a Will is never going to be a priority, here is a recent case where a distraught husband, whose terminally ill wife could no longer make a Will during her last days, found himself at risk of homelessness.

The couple, who had three children, had owned a sole asset – their Sunset Coast home. The husband says that their children, all of whom were already adults living away from the nest, weren’t exactly in speaking terms with their parents. So, it had long been discussed that the family home was to be passed on to the surviving spouse. However, their home for more than 40 years had always remained to be registered in his wife’s name.

His wife passed away intestate (i.e. without making a Will), leaving him to comply in accordance with the distribution rules as the Western Australian law dictates, where he is obligated to share the family home with his estranged children.  

Whether you’re young or old, in frail condition or in good health, you can never tell what the next day holds. Avoid similar complications that could have easily been prevented had you planned your Last Will and Testament. Wills serve as a crucial part in estate planning – ensure your most valued assets go to the important people in your life after your passing.

A Last Will and Testament Makes it Easier for Your Loved Ones

When a person in Australia passes on to the other side, an entitled individual must submit an application to the Supreme Court for a Grant of Probate (when a Will is available and is found valid) or a Grant of Letters of Administration (when no valid Will is available). Depending on the situation, this entire process of dealing with a deceased’s estate can be time-consuming and costly, especially when they died intestate. 

Making a Will makes it easier you for your loved ones to deal with the grief of their loss, as it simplifies the entire process of distributing your estate.

Using DIY Will Kits and Seeking Legal Advice

To save up on costs, there are individuals who choose to make their Last Wills and Testaments with these DIY Will Kits. These kits, although being more affordable than consulting a lawyer, are often prone to being deemed invalid due to incorrect construction. When done poorly, these DIY Wills can only be confusing and unclear.

So, why anguish your beloved with extra financial burden? A valid Last Will and Testament enables your estate to be passed on effectively and efficiently.

If you’re worried about how to get a Last Will and Testament, give our team of expert Last Will and Testament lawyers in Perth a call, and discover how much more thinking and reflection is necessary to leave behind a lasting legacy.  

Hoe Lawyers is committed to providing you with legal services that look after your best interests.

Our Last Will and Testament lawyers in Perth draft Wills and Testaments for people of all ages, and ensure that their testamentary wishes are communicated in both verbal and written forms, so that all their legacy and vision lives on through their beneficiaries.

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