Financial and Parenting Orders in Perth

At Hoe Lawyers, we know how impactful a piece of paper can be. Approved financial and parenting orders by the Family Court in Perth serve as an example. So, should you need of parenting, property or financial arrangements formalised by the Court, we are committed to satisfying clients with excellent, affordable, and transparent legal services and assistance. 

Seeking out Consent Orders for Financial and Parenting matters in Perth can be the way towards ensuring that any arrangements or agreements are met.

In Perth, Parenting Consent Orders can determine who the child lives with, all means of communication and personal or face-to-face time that the child has with other people, and designated parenting duties and responsibilities. However, even when both parties agree, the Court exists to ensure that all these arrangements are for the child’s benefit and that they are for the best.

Consent Orders on Property and Financial Matters, meanwhile, can serve to define how a property, financial resources and debt or liabilities are shared, which can also include spousal and de facto maintenance and how to divide superannuation.

When Do You Need Parenting and Financial Consent Orders in Perth?

Following Through on Agreements

Consent Orders are written or documented agreements and arrangements that have been approved by the Courts. It serves as a formalisation of any pre-determined agreements between parties. Through a Consent Order, you get to add a layer of protection that makes sure these agreements are fulfilled.

You Want to Decide on the Arrangements

As mentioned, you can seek out the approval of a Consent Order for agreements that require a formal directive to ensure it is fulfilled. A Consent Order also enables all parties to come up with their own agreements without the Court dictating what should be in there. However, it is part of the Court’s duty that these agreements are fair and just.

Finding Out What is Truly Just and Fair

In Perth Family Court, when a Parenting or Financial Consent Order has been made, it applies and offers the same effect as a court hearing and that it is binding on both parties. This means that without having to go through costly and time-exhausting court proceedings, the Consent Order ensures that a court has evaluated the agreements and arrangements as the best possible option for all parties.

Hoe Lawyers Can Help You with Family Court Consent Orders for Parenting and Financial Matters in Perth

Parenting Consent Orders

Through a Consent Order, you ensure that the orders that the involved parties are requesting are all to the benefit of your child or children. This assumes that the Court is relying on all parties to fulfil their shared responsibility in raising their child or children.

Another benefit of getting a Parenting Order in Perth is that these arrangements are made formal, which means that all parties must comply. Working with Hoe Lawyers to get an approved Parenting Consent Order in Perth from the Family Court allows estranged couples to provide a healthy and harmonious, or at the very least a civil, relationship with their child or children.

Property and Financial Consent Orders

The benefits of making a Property and Financial Consent Order in Perth includes:
• Formalising any agreements on the division of shared properties, financial resources and debts. This helps ensure compliance from all parties, reducing any risk of deviation or non-compliance.
• Nominal stamp duty is only required in the transfer of properties under Court Orders (or other legal documentation such as a Binding Financial Agreement).
• Capital Gains Tax (CGT) rollover relief, which enables your business to defer capital gains or losses.

Property and Financial Consent Orders deal with all matters related to the parties’ shared property, like a home or land, and their finances, such as assets and liabilities.

Hoe Lawyers is here to provide the legal advice and assistance you may need to ensure that your orders are made clear and precise. Contact us today for responsive legal action or assistance in all areas of Family Law.

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